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Cigüeña Negra Farm

"Here’s something unique, something that makes us stand out from the rest."

At the foot of the Sierra de Gata mountain range, in a remote valley in northwest Cáceres, you can find our grassland farm Cigüeña Negra, where we produce our own organic extra virgin olive oil and where Carnes March’s livestock graze. Ask us about it…

We love talking about our cattle and pigs. And the olive trees. And the olive oil mill. And how lovely the grasslands are in autumn…

Finca Cigüeña Negra
Olivo Cigüeña Negra
Cerdos Ibéricos Carnes March
Ganado Carnes March
Ovejas Carnes March

Our Olive Oil

Under the brand Cigüeña Negra Ecológic we present our monovarietal extra virgin olive oil , the variety of this olive is called "Manzanilla Cacereña" and is typical from this region of Spain, we produce this extraordinary olive oil in our organic oil mill in our farm produced only by the organic way. This fruit is characterized by having a high concentration of oleic acid and a low fat yield compared to other varieties, so its juice produces one of the best extra virgin olive oils. Discover Cigüeña Negra Ecológic and bring to your dishes the flavours of our olive grove.
Aceite Cigüeña Negra

the perfect environment for
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