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"Tradition keeps good things alive,
innovation makes them even better."

Production, distribution and sale of quality meat products.

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"We are passionate about what we do and we want you to feel it."

Our father and grandfather Vicente Roselló opened the first butcher’s shop in Sant Antoni in 1965, thus starting a story of love and passion for quality that has been handed down to the second and third generations of the family. At Carnes March, we're butchers by vocation and livestock farmers through passion...

"Our meats speak for us. Our cuts speak for us. Your return visit speaks for us."

Our Farm: Finca Cigüeña Negra

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At the foot of the Sierra de Gata mountain range, in a remote valley in northwest Cáceres, you can find our grassland farm Cigüeña Negra, where we produce our own organic extra virgin olive oil and where Carnes March’s livestock graze. Ask us about it… We love talking about our cattle and pigs. And the olive trees. And the olive oil mill. And how lovely the grasslands are in autumn…
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    “Once you enter our door, your story begins. And it tells us the cuts you like, your favourite recipes and how many people you're having over for lunch at your house today. We love listening to you…”

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